Regulatory matters

Cybersecurity: a cautionary tale

Andy Cork

Data protection and cybersecurity are undoubtedly hot topics in the pensions world at the moment – and will continue to be so for some time.  As part of our regular training to clients, we talk a lot about the structural protection that needs to be in place, such as drafting supplier contracts correctly and monitoring Read More

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When delays can be taxing … the 5 April deadline

Angela Stafford

No matter how good your scheme administration is, slip-ups can happen for a variety of reasons – human error, member misunderstanding, general administrative delays – but with the end of the tax year looming, the consequences of a mistake, particularly relating to DC contributions, can be much more significant.  The annual allowance rules are increasingly Read More

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Intra-group secondments and pension liabilities

Däna Burstow

Intra-group secondment arrangements could give rise to a liability to contribute to a deficit in a defined benefit pension scheme – that’s the (possibly surprising) conclusion of a recent Court of Appeal ruling. Read More

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A Decade of Non-Stop Simplification

Helen Powell

6 April 2016 marks the 10-year anniversary of ‘A-Day’, the start date of the new regime of pensions tax simplification. How is that working out for you? Read More

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