Information gathering powers – the risk of non-compliance

Caroline Overton

For those of us working in the occupational pensions arena, Brighton Magistrates’ Court is not where we typically expect to see a pensions dispute play out. However, recently we saw rich coverage of Dominic Chappell’s four days in that very establishment, culminating in a criminal conviction for failing to provide information to the Pensions Regulator, Read More

Does your scheme always pay?

Rebecca Peet

High earners hit by the tapered annual allowance may be liable to pay some or all of their tax charge from savings – could voluntary scheme pays be the answer? Read More

TPR and the BHS pension schemes – (not quite) the last word…

Caroline Overton

The settlement agreement reached in relation to the BHS pension schemes, followed by the publication last week of the Pensions Regulator’s regulatory intervention report, may mark the end of the long-running, high-profile BHS pensions saga. This is therefore an appropriate moment to take a step back and consider what these milestones mean in practice. Read More

When a good employee goes bad… is their pension at risk?

Helen Powell

The Pensions Ombudsman has recently had to consider the case of a convicted fraudster, Mr A, who had embezzled around £500,000 from his former employer, but had been made redundant in a separate exercise before his fraud was discovered. Mr A had been made bankrupt on the employer’s petition, but this did not give the Read More

Cybersecurity: a cautionary tale

Andy Cork

Data protection and cybersecurity are undoubtedly hot topics in the pensions world at the moment – and will continue to be so for some time.  As part of our regular training to clients, we talk a lot about the structural protection that needs to be in place, such as drafting supplier contracts correctly and monitoring Read More