Auto-enrolment and the ban on inducing opt-outs – what is your ‘sole or main purpose’?

Helen Powell

One of the questions that comes up most frequently in relation to auto-enrolment is whether proposed action by an employer might breach the ban on inducing workers to opt out of pension saving. This comes up in the context of employers wanting to offer flexible benefit arrangements, so that workers can arrange particular elements of Read More

Windrush, GDPR and pension schemes: what should you do about historic data?

Helen Powell

Pension schemes have a long lifecycle. They need personal data to put pensions into payment decades after a member first joined the scheme and may need to deal with claims about calculation errors decades after that. Schemes with a complex history of mergers and bulk transfers-in may have significant quantities of legacy data. Any scheme Read More

Trustee fines – who pays?

Nadia Karavias

The Pensions Regulator has imposed fines on the trustees of Pakistan International Airlines’ pension scheme (£500 each for failure to provide audited accounts for two years), and on the trustees of six schemes for failure to comply with the content requirements of the Chair’s statement. Potential fines are a frequent concern for trustees: who pays Read More

Crisis in outsourcing? What happens if an administrator fails?

Helen Powell

In the wake of the collapse of Carillion, headlines about profit warnings from other outsourcing specialists are bound to set off warning bells. Capita has just announced a significant restructuring programme following a profit warning, including a refocusing on its core businesses. It may be that there are no implications for its pension scheme administration Read More

Information gathering powers – the risk of non-compliance

Caroline Overton

For those of us working in the occupational pensions arena, Brighton Magistrates’ Court is not where we typically expect to see a pensions dispute play out. However, recently we saw rich coverage of Dominic Chappell’s four days in that very establishment, culminating in a criminal conviction for failing to provide information to the Pensions Regulator, Read More