Pensions Ombudsman decisions: which would you undo?

Jessica Ferrari

We were recently asked by a client which Pensions Ombudsman (PO) decisions we would like to undo. It’s an interesting question, especially in light of the fact that May 2015 will see Antony Arter replace Tony King as PO. Read More

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What’s next for pensions in 2015?

Stephen Richards

This year the government announced sweeping changes to the law governing occupational pension schemes. Most notably, people will no longer be required to buy an annuity with their money purchase pot. We will also see the introduction of caps on member charges, a requirement for members to receive guidance before retirement and a continually growing Read More

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Investments, pension funds and statistics: more or less misleading?

Derek Sloan

One of my favourite radio programmes is More or Less, a Radio 4 programme that looks at statistics bandied about in public and examines them. Often (but not always) the emperor is found to be wearing no clothes (if you will forgive the stretched metaphor). There seems to be a rule about statistics that repetition Read More

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New DC regulatory standards: ready or not, here they come…

Helen Powell

This time last year, if a Government document had landed on my desk announcing new governance standards for pension scheme trustees including assessing value for money, ensuring prompt and accurate processing of core financial contributions and preparing a new default fund statement of investment principles, that would have been quite a big deal. In the Read More

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DC pension investments: duties, rules and risks

Jonathan Goodwin

Last year I posted a piece about where responsibility falls for investment choices in DC schemes*. I pointed out risks for trustees and possible exemptions from liability.  The question of how far these can go came up recently when I was going through a draft trust deed with a member-nominated trustee client. Read More

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