Early retirement pension rights and TUPE – practical problems after Procter & Gamble

Robert Tellwright

What early retirement pension benefits does an employer need to provide when taking on employees on a business transfer?  And how should the employer provide them?  Last year the High Court confirmed that enhanced early retirement rights under occupational pension schemes can transfer with the member on a TUPE transfer (Procter & Gamble v SCA).  Read More

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Early retirement rights and TUPE – where next?

Mervyn Parry

Many years ago the European Court decided that some short term supplementary payments payable on redundancy or restructuring could transfer under TUPE to the transferee of the undertaking (Beckmann v Dynamco and South Bank University v Martin).  These cases involved the public sector and Whitley Council-negotiated terms*.  The Court decided that the right to unfunded Read More

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