The Pensions Regulator

TPR and the BHS pension schemes – (not quite) the last word…

Caroline Overton

The settlement agreement reached in relation to the BHS pension schemes, followed by the publication last week of the Pensions Regulator’s regulatory intervention report, may mark the end of the long-running, high-profile BHS pensions saga. This is therefore an appropriate moment to take a step back and consider what these milestones mean in practice. Read More

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Financial Support Directions: issues for banks and lenders

Jason Shaw

With the high profile collapse of BHS and two subsequent Parliamentary inquiries, the role and powers of the Pensions Regulator have come under close scrutiny since the second half of 2016. This spring, the government is planning to issue a discussion paper on various issues related to defined benefit pension schemes; it is perhaps no Read More

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Intra-group secondments and pension liabilities

Däna Burstow

Intra-group secondment arrangements could give rise to a liability to contribute to a deficit in a defined benefit pension scheme – that’s the (possibly surprising) conclusion of a recent Court of Appeal ruling. Read More

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Do you meet the Pensions Regulator’s expectations? Six points to note in the draft DC Code

Helen Powell

Two years ago the Pensions Regulator brought in a new Code of Practice on the governance and administration of DC schemes, and trustees and providers started work on ensuring that they were operating in line with its 31 quality features. With almost undignified haste, that Code was overtaken by events, following the introduction of DC Read More

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Pensions liberation: Are trustees stuck between a rock and a hard place?

Emma Bichard

Are pension scheme trustees stuck between a rock and a hard place? It would seem so, as following the Pensions Regulator’s warnings trustees must decide whether to comply with their duty to facilitate a valid transfer request or delay suspicious requests risking regulatory action. But how easy is it for trustees to be sure pension Read More

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