Hidden liabilities

Intra-group secondments and pension liabilities

Däna Burstow

Intra-group secondment arrangements could give rise to a liability to contribute to a deficit in a defined benefit pension scheme – that’s the (possibly surprising) conclusion of a recent Court of Appeal ruling. Read More

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Administrative practice: do your members’ pension benefits actually reflect the rules?

Joan Whybray

If there’s one topic likely to get pension scheme trustees, administrators, lawyers and actuaries breaking out in a cold sweat, it’s when you start comparing (really comparing) a scheme’s rules with its administrative practice.  Rather than addressing queries as and when they arise, the scheme’s actuaries and administrators will sit down in a darkened room Read More

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Equalisation: a judicial change of approach?

Jason Shaw

The knotty question of whether a pension scheme has been properly equalised or not is an issue that the industry has been grappling with for over 20 years – and it’s still causing headaches. The story will be familiar to most of us: “The trustees thought we’d equalised retirement ages, the company thought we had, Read More

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Pension scheme trusteeship and responsibility for the past – look before you leap

Jonathan Goodwin

What does a new pension scheme trustee need to know about things that happened before he became a trustee?  And could he be liable for previous trustees’ acts or omissions?  My cautionary tale delves into the risks. Read More

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Trustees, does your scheme have any pension guarantees?

Mervyn Parry

Are you fully aware of all the pension promises made under your pension scheme?  There’s one batch you may have missed – the reinstated pensions after the misselling scandal of the 80s and 90s. Read More

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