Employer Covenant

It’s PPF contingent asset season for pension schemes – dust off the old and bring in the new

Chris Jackson

Christmas is over for another year and, with the last mince pie eaten and New Year’s resolution forgotten, everyone seems finally to have come back to work for a rest.  Sadly there won’t be much time to rest for those pension schemes whose sponsoring employers are considering putting PPF contingent assets in place, the most Read More

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Do you know who your “statutory” employers are?

Däna Burstow

If you are filling out your scheme return from November 2011 you will need to answer the question “who is your statutory employer?”  Read More

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The Pensions Regulator and the need for employer covenant reviews

Gareth Soanes

In recent years, few topics seem to have risen so regularly to the top of the pensions “hot topics” pile as that of the employer covenant.  And rightly so, you might reasonably think.  But despite Regulatory guidance, do pension scheme trustees and employers actually feel confident that they know just how often their covenant should Read More