When delays can be taxing … the 5 April deadline

Angela Stafford

No matter how good your scheme administration is, slip-ups can happen for a variety of reasons – human error, member misunderstanding, general administrative delays – but with the end of the tax year looming, the consequences of a mistake, particularly relating to DC contributions, can be much more significant.  The annual allowance rules are increasingly Read More

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DB to DC pension transfers: communications caught between a rock and a hard place?

DC retirement processes – what should trustees be doing?

Caroline Overton

 One of the first stories to hit the pensions press this year has been the debate about switchable annuities. Insurers have reacted strongly against Steve Webb’s plans for pensioners to be able to change their provider to access a better deal elsewhere. His thinking is that members may not always be getting the best deal Read More

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Pensions and estoppel: what to look out for and what to expect

Mervyn Parry

I sometimes wonder why so many Pensions Ombudsman cases still seem to turn on archaic sounding concepts like “estoppel”.  Several cases crossing my desk recently have raised estoppel issues where benefits have been paid, or quoted, incorrectly.  Often the member thinks he has been promised something which is more than his entitlement.  How does the Read More

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Reinvigorating pensions communications: and a happy birthday to you too

Helen Powell

Back in May I posted some cynical comments on this blog about NEST’s Golden Rules for talking to workers about pensions (and, in particular, about the frankly bizarre comparison drawn between those rules and a group of ageing rockers – see ‘Nest, Pensions and the Traveling Wilburys‘). Apologies everyone: it seems that those rules will Read More

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