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Dutch works councils get stronger rights of approval on pensions changes

Frank Doornik

Dutch works councils will shortly gain a new right of approval in relation to the adoption, cancellation or amendment of arrangements relating to a pension agreement – a potentially significant new power to block changes to a pension scheme, regardless of how it is structured (for example, with a pension fund, an insurer or a Read More

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Equalisation: a judicial change of approach?

Jason Shaw

The knotty question of whether a pension scheme has been properly equalised or not is an issue that the industry has been grappling with for over 20 years – and it’s still causing headaches. The story will be familiar to most of us: “The trustees thought we’d equalised retirement ages, the company thought we had, Read More

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Bridging pensions – bridging the gap to an increasing state pension age

Stephen Richards

Several of my trustee and employer clients are currently looking at the effect the changes to state pension age (SPA) will have on the bridging pensions in their pension scheme. Read More

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It’s RPI again (with apologies to the Housemartins)

Helen Powell

It’s happy hour again* at the Office for National Statistics, with a four for two deal on inflation measures. It’s no longer just RPI and CPI: will the new choices reopen debate on how to revalue pension benefits and index pensions in payment? Read More

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RPI/CPI for pension schemes… it’s not over yet

Jane Higgins

Just when you thought the ripple effects of the RPI/CPI change for pension schemes was starting to settle down, the Office for National Statistics has today published a consultation on changing the formula used to calculate RPI to bring it closer to CPI. For many pension schemes, this is going to mean revisiting an issue which Read More

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